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“There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile.” ~Anonymous

Colorado Benefit Advisors Incorporated (CBA Inc.) has been working with individuals and Employers since 2000 to provide the best value in health insurance and comprehensive benefit packages.  We provide insurance products and services throughout all of Colorado.  Our staff of insurance agents is ready and willing to serve you with your insurance needs.

When it comes to insurance, most people don’t have the time and energy to evaluate the many choices before them and they don’t know where to begin.  There are many insurance companies with various products and offerings, and making the correct decision can be overwhelming.  That’s where we come in.

Colorado Benefit Advisors, Inc. will find the best products for you, your family and your business.  Our services are always free and our staff is dedicated to servicing your needs.  We will use our knowledge and experience with the various insurance carriers to determine the best fit for your situation, guiding you through the entire process.  We will continue to work with you after the initial implementation to insure the choice you made is the right one and that it meets all your insurance needs.  Regular check-ups with you will also enable you to make changes or add additional coverage’s, as necessary.

Steven A. Meyer, President of Colorado Benefit Advisors, has been an insurance agent since 1988.  He started his career with a large Life Insurance carrier and discovered in the process that he possessed a knack to help people navigate through the sometimes confusing insurance market.  When the opportunity arose, he ventured into the small group health insurance market and he embraced it with the same enthusiasm as he did the life insurance market. He obtained his Chartered Benefit Consultant designation and then his Advanced Chartered Benefit Consultant.  Steve uses his knowledge of the insurance marketplace with confidence to help all of his clients from Individual’s to Family’s, 2 person group’s to Employers with 100’s of employees.

The most important question to answer today is: “How do I get the most out of my insurance”?



Steven A. Meyer, ACBC
Health Insurance Specialist

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