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HSA’s are Still Available!
More than 50,000 H.S.A accounts are opened every month in the United States….

Under the sweeping reform bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, individuals will have to obtain health insurance. Experts expect many consumers to opt for lower-premium; high deductible plans, paving the way for large amounts of new money to move into health savings accounts.

Even before the bill, balances in these accounts were growing because of the tax breaks and cost-cutting by employers. H.S.A’s allow employees to set aside money tax-free for future healthcare costs. Only people covered by high deductible health plans – currently about 10 million U.S. workers and their families – can establish them.

Almost every Employer Sponsored Health Plan is offering a choice, including H.S.A Compatible Plans…Premium Savings are 20% to 50% of the typical health plan, freeing up dollars to put into Health Savings Accounts!

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Colorado Benefit Advisors, Incorporated (CBA Inc.) has been working with individuals and employers since 2000 to provide the best value in health insurance and comprehensive benefit packages.

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We Offer affordable Insurance with service that goes beyond your expectations!

Our Team of Insurance Professionals can solve your insurance needs and solve Billing and Claims issues in a timely fashion. Our contacts with each insurance carrier are reinforced to assist us in servicing your insurance needs.


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